A stop-motion prawn puppet made from polymer clay, wire, latex and milliput. Included here with his news desk props and FINFO WARS merch!
Shark and dolphin hand puppets made from silicone.
Stop-motion puppet made from wire, sponge, and fabric, with hand-sewn clothes and adjustable facial features.
Stop-motion pig puppet made from wool, wire and clay.
 A selection of needle-felted figures made over the years. Many more can be seen on my felting website, here!
Stop-motion puppet made from polymer clay, wire and fabric.
A posable, felted figure inspired by the game 'Cult of the Lamb', with removable cloak and clay stand.
A felted deer sculpture made from wool, wire, clay and organic material.
Felted puppets of Ché Dedame's characters Sprout and Form from 'Sprites of Life'.
A fish-in-a-bucket puppet made from wire, foam, muller, latex and a plastic cup. 
Posable doll made from wool, wire and felt.
Design sketches and various versions of a wolf puppet made from wire, wool and plant matter.
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